Sneakers For Women Fall Athleisure Look

Athleisure has become one of the most popular styles today, with loungewear and activewear among the top picks, especially during the lockdown periods. Athleisure fashion in the United States saw an estimated $105.1 billion in sales during the previous year and is still going strong well into 2021. Now with the fall season in full swing, what better way to upgrade your wardrobe than with the best stylishly comfortable sneakers? Sneakers are a must in every fashionable woman’s closet as they are undoubtedly trendy and functional. Think about it: almost everywhere you look, there’s a fashionista showing off in a stunning pair. Whether you opt for blacks, whites, or colored there’s a wide array of options to tickle your fancy. Certainly, the right sneakers can work wonders in any ensemble.

Here Are The Sneakers For Women Fall Athleisure look

New Balance 574

5 Sneakers That Will Complete Your Fall Athleisure Look

Photo: @newbalancelifestyle / Instagram

The New Balance 574 “dad sneaker” is known for its timeless leather and suede design. In fact, the original New Balance color palettes suit the autumn season impossibly well. Just recently, Miu Miu unveiled its first-ever sneaker collaboration with the brand during the 2021 Paris Fashion Week. The collaboration shoe features shredded and frayed outers with a tan gum sole. It also comes in three colorways: grey, white, and taupe. This pair is set to be released by spring of 2022, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.

Adidas Superstar

Photo: @lego / Instagram

Another classic pair on this list, you can’t really go wrong with is the Adidas Superstar. These sleek, white sneakers receive an A+ for comfort, style, and reliability. It also comes in exciting colorways. Adidas often collaborates with big brands to add more colorways to their iconic Superstar line. For one, their partnership with LEGO showcases LEGO block details on the heel, toe box, and the three stripes. Adidas has also collaborated with Japanese label Neighborhood, New York-based artist Leta Sobierajski, and a variety of other brands and personalities.

Reebok Club C

Photo: @robertwaynefootwear / Instagram

The Reebok Club C would be a great addition to your fall collection, as the retro style is extremely trendy this season. These tennis-inspired shoes can elevate any outfit. Its stacked midsole gives extra height and chunkiness, while the rest of the shoe is made of leather — creating a clean, minimalist design. The Reebok Club C comes in several variations as well. Choose between the Double C’s, the 85 Model Vintage, or the Double GEO to complete your fall look.

Converse Canvas Sneaker

5 Sneakers That Will Complete Your Fall Athleisure Look

Photo: @converse_style / Instagram

If you don’t already have a pair of your own, getting one will definitely save you time when styling your daily outfits. These canvas sneakers are versatile, comfortable, and will probably never go out of style — overall, a great fashion investment. Moreover, Fashion Rules highlights how they pair well with anything from jeans, dresses, and even more formal looks. Bella Hadid, for instance, is often seen around NYC in blazers and overcoats, plus a pair of Converse sneakers in the beige colorway.

Nike Air Max 95

Photo: @sneakernews / Instagram

Although the Nike Air Max has long been a popular choice for sneakerheads, the COMME des GARCON and Nike Air Max 95 collaboration make for an interesting combo. These Air Max 95 designer sneakers are a must-have if you want to add character to your fall wardrobe. It features a trendy deconstructed look, frayed lines in monochromatic tones, and a retro silhouette. These sneakers are sure to add flair to all of your fall looks and will definitely be staples for the rest of the year.

Featured Image: lego | Instagram