SNBRN receives remixes for "One Purpose" + Tour of Garuda Resort

After news broke of Manila Killa announcing his departure, many were left wondering what would be left of Hotel Garuda. Almost immediately, the remaining member Aseem put faith back into our laps with the release of his latest single “One Reason“. Teaming up with vocalists Imad Royal and Kiah Victoria, the record did not fail to broadcast a smile on all our faces.

We all know that with such a great track, comes even greater responsibility. So when SNBRN was given remix duties for the single, it is no surprise to hear his rendition reciprocate the same energy that uplifted our spirits the first time. His artistry pushes the original past its limits and delivers a truly eccentric touch up. As you are hooked onto an ensemble of heartwarming chords, this remix will solidify your love for both artists.

In what has been an excellent year for both SNBRN and Hotel Garuda, the locomotive of creativity doesn’t stop here. In order to ring in the new year, you can catch Garuda in the midst of a career-defining touring circuit.

Hotel Garuda – One Reason (SNBRN Remix) | Stream

via Runthetrap

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