Snavs and John Alto Have Joined Forces For Their Latest Release, “Headlights”

Snavs and John Alto have joined forces for their latest release, “Headlights,” which is now available via Dim Mak. Snavs, a Danish artist, collaborates with the up-and-coming talent John Alto, also from Denmark, to create this captivating dark progressive house track.

Fans of both artists are eagerly anticipating what direction they will take their sound in next. You can listen to “Headlights” on Spotify, and make sure to turn up your speakers for this one.

“Headlights” stands out with its emotive female vocals, cinematic melodies, and an especially energetic bassline. The track is a testament to the diverse musical styles that both Snavs and Alto bring to the table. It’s a cathartic and heartfelt piece filled with catchy moments that are perfect for the club dancefloor.