Snapchat Steals Brilliant Idea From Facebook with New Events Feature

It’s a constant battle between the social media platforms — especially Facebook and company-owned Instagram vs. Snapchat. Now, the latter is presenting a new feature, straight out of Facebook’s playbook. According to insider Jane Manchun Wong, Snapchat Events may soon be integrated with the app. The new feature is likely to go hand in and with Snap Map, which updates friends’ locations, revealing what they’re up to on any given night. Facebook has already seen much success in making its Events tab part of regular social use. Public and private events can be made — and the tool is ideal for promoting concerts, festivals, and other music-related events, as well as social gatherings irl.

Snapchat’s forthcoming feature will allow any user to create an event, assign a time and place, and swipe up to invite friends. Much like Facebook Events, there will also be the option to make them public or private. Facebook and Instagram have both used the platform as inspiration for a number of popular features. It only makes sense that Snapchat would return the favor with its own version of Events. Perhaps Instagram will be quick to follow suit, considering Facebook already has a popular model to build off.

See a sneak peek at Snap event invites below…

Snapchat Events Invites

Snapchat is building Event Invites

Swipe up on a invite to join a group chat for the event

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) June 7, 2019

Source: Tech Juice