Snails, Hi I’m Ghost, and The Slugz Music Crew Unveils “ Death Rail ” Remix EP

Snails, Hi I’m Ghost, and the Slugz Music crew continue to bring the bass with a fiery remix compilation following the release of “Death Rail”. This remix package, which includes “Death Rail” renditions from Hairitage, Whales, and JOOL, is sure to keep listeners headbanging throughout the holidays. Listeners can now experience four new takes on this show-stopping track, intertwined with riddim, tearout trap, and gooey dubstep.

Snails, a dubstep maven, contributes his Death Rail offering in his signature style. The vomitstep owner invites ravers to the reworked “sime rail” in thrilling fashion, showing no mercy to new and old fans. Hairitage, the respected new kid on the block, offers Death Rail “a heavy trap rebirth” after reaching out to Ackeron about recreating some of the original vocals. Continuing the volatile hype, Iranian riddim pioneers and good friends Whales and Jool combine their explosive sound design to create a fitting conclusion to this collection of various sounds and styles. Without a doubt, the top-tier Death Rail Remix EP package extends the fanfare of the influential original with a little something extra for those who dare to listen.