Snails and Krimer Collaborate on Riddim Giant “Jackhammer”

Snails and Krimer are two sides of the same coin if the coin was layered with subwoofers blasting grimy bass. Both are from Canada, both produce filthy dubstep, and the two have come to together on a new single called “Jackhammer.” Although the two artists have their own styles in production, the two have a mutual reputation of creating ear drum rupturing bass music. With their latest collaboration, they do so jointly and effectively. Released via the Snails label Slugz Music, “Jackhammer” is a force of riddim. The massive brass section sets a dystopian mood. Just as the drops about to go down, the production teases the naked bass before the beat follows suit. The kicks that Snails and Krimer lay out throughout the drop feel like colossal punches to the face while lazer-like synths fire away. Listening to “Jackhammer” feels like listening to a mechanic battle between cyborgs riding motorized tigers thanks to it acute ferocity.

“I’m so happy with how Jackhammer came together!!! Krimer and I live 20 minutes away from each other so we finally decided to sit down in the studio and give birth to this filthy banger!!” – SNAILS

“We’ve been friends for quite some time now and we finally decided to work on a song. We literally sat down for 2 days and we created a lethal weapon called ‘Jackhammer.’ I’m super happy with the song and it was such a good time with Snails!!” – Krimer

Thanks to Snails and Krimer, you can stream this monster dubstep piece right now. Make sure to check it out, especially if you’re a bass head.