Smithsonian AirSpace and Diplo Releases ‘Under Ancient Skies’ Spoken Word Companion Album to ‘MMXX’

Smithsonian AirSpace and Diplo present Under Ancient Skies — the all-new MMXX spoken word companion album, out now. The collaboration features words by the museum, music from Diplo’s 2020 ambient album, and narration by Hrishikesh Hirway.

Diplo recently started up his Under Ancient Skies live series intended for small, socially distanced audiences with chill music and stargazing led by the museum. The concept has proven to be the perfect change of pace, catered to the times we’re living in with a more soothing/meditative approach. As a companion album to MMXX, the official Under Ancient Skies release expands on the theme of our connection with nature. It’s about exploring our human experience in the cosmos around the globe and throughout history, from the ancient world to contemporary understandings of the universe. Learn more here.

For best results, listen under the stars.

Under Ancient Skies: MMXX Companion Album