Smartwatches Vs Traditional Watches

With the development in technology, it might seem as though smartwatches have overtaken traditional wristwatches. Adorned by those of all ages and in all careers, there are a number of reasons (which are explored below) as to why many people are swapping from their traditional watch to a tech-heavy option. But are smartwatches really worth it? Or are they simply a gimmick that isn’t really necessary? Here are some pros and cons for smartwatches in comparison to the more traditional models.

You can use it to get healthy

Ok, so you will still have to have the motivation to physically do the activity, but by showing you your step count for the day, tracking your nutrition, asking you to breathe in and out for a minute, etc. you almost have your own personal trainer on your wrist. This feature is helpful for those who work from home or for those who are usually stuck to a desk every day – promoting a healthier lifestyle, it’s a good way of taking a break from work.

They have many helpful features that outweigh the traditional models

Following on from the above point, a benefit of a smartwatch is that it not only acts as a watch, but it can also feature clever hardware design applications such as a calendar, your social media platforms and it allows you to see your messages. This means that you are staying connected even whilst you are doing other activities. This is incredibly important for those that are constantly on the move. You can download Slack, email apps, banking apps, etc. making it a helpful add on to your mobile that keeps you organised.

It allows for contactless payment

Can’t be bothered to get your credit card out of your wallet? With a smartwatch, you can use one of the contactless payment apps that work with the payment reader. This isn’t available on all models of smartwatch or in all shops, but it’s still a helpful benefit to have.

It’s hard to read the notifications

As they are designed to fit on your wrist with ease, smartwatches have a small screen. This makes it hard for people with bad eyesight to see and makes it a little less appealing to those of the older generation. It makes you question as to whether you should buy a smartwatch or just rely on your mobile which has a larger screen.

The battery life is short

A problem with smartwatches is that you have to charge it every 1-2 days. This causes an issue for many people that are used to their traditional wristwatch lasting for months at a time. It’s inconvenient and time-consuming.

You need to keep your mobile close by for it to work

As smartwatches are connected to your mobile phone through Bluetooth, you need to keep your mobile within 300ft of the smartwatch. Otherwise, it won’t receive any notifications and you won’t be able to take full advantage of the features it has to offer.

Smartwatches can be distracting

Whether you are at home trying to spend time with your family or in an important meeting, having all of your notifications coming through on the smartwatch is incredibly distracting. When you are with your family, you want to be present and not constantly thinking about work. Even though you can delete notifications, it will take you away from the moment.

Traditional watches

Many believe that traditional watches will never go out of style. They are simple, elegant, have a long-lasting battery, are easy to use and can be worn by those of all ages. So why are smartwatches taking over? Apart from the obvious benefits which are listed above, it’s probably because they are one of the latest innovations to sweep the world – therefore everyone wants to see what they are all about. But are there any cons to owning a traditional watch over a smartwatch? Well, the initial one is that they are only a watch – therefore they don’t offer any of the applications that a smartwatch does. But for those who only need it for its main purpose, they can just use their mobile phone instead. Overall, it’s really up to your personal preference which type of watch you choose. With technology constantly evolving it’s clear that after a while, smartwatches will become outdated, whereas a traditional wristwatch will still carry its main purpose and popularity.