Slushii Releases Highly-Anticipated Sequel Dream II

Slushii burst onto the scene with his fun lighthearted sound. Many looked at him as a sidekick of sorts to Marshmello, but it is clear that he is so much more. Last year he released his introspective album Dream. It took a step back from some of the heavier sounds that Slushii was playing around with and presented, for lack of a better world, a dreamy, ethereal album.

As promised over the summer, Dream II, has finally found its way to us. Simar to Dream, Dream II is a lengthy album consisting of 17 tracks. But what Dream II does better than its predecessor is meld as a true collection of songs that flow together. Dream was a fantastic collection of songs, but it was more a collection of songs that Slushii wanted to put out that a congruent album, with each track telling a different chapter of a much bigger story. “Shooting Star” and “Heart In Japan” bounce out at standouts to me, but all 17 tracks have a life of their own. This is an album that you should press play on and let play from front to back. Stream Slushii’s sophomore album Dream II below.

Slushii – Dream II