Slushii and SPIRIT LINK Join Forces on “I Tried It” and Tease a New Label

Slushii’s journey through 2023 has been nothing short of spectacular, with over 150 shows performed worldwide, including an impressive 14 headline festival performances. Building on the mega-viral success of “past lives” under his sapientdream alias, Slushii is back with a brand new collaboration alongside the emerging producer SPIRIT LINK, available now through Believe Digital.

“I Tried It” holds a special place for multiple reasons. It’s a track that celebrates taking risks, pursuing one’s dreams, and savoring the present moment. Slushii’s decision to partner with SPIRIT LINK is no coincidence; it’s a clear endorsement and a declaration of their shared aspirations, possibly hinting at Slushii’s rumored upcoming label. “Our musical styles blend seamlessly,” Slushii explained in a statement, “creating a fresh and distinctive sound that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do. SPIRIT LINK is not just a talented producer but also a wonderful friend who consistently supports and inspires me. Collaborating with him was an absolute pleasure, and I can’t wait to do it again!”

Their natural chemistry in the studio is palpable, and Slushii appears to be embracing a mentorship role, guiding SPIRIT LINK’s musical journey. SPIRIT LINK, in turn, expresses deep gratitude for the opportunity to work with Slushii, describing the experience as profoundly transformative. “Slushii’s influence isn’t a mere touch but an integral part of my musical expression,” he proudly acknowledges.

In a way, “I Tried It” also marks a return to Slushii’s musical roots, representing a newfound creative freedom after two years of exploration in commercial music and hip-hop. This fresh release signals an exciting chapter in Slushii’s career, and fans are eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

Listen to “I Tried It” below and immerse yourself in the collaborative brilliance of Slushii and SPIRIT LINK.