Slimez Is Back With His Debut ‘Spine Snappa’ EP

If there’s one artist that can bring just an unprecedented amount of energy to his tracks, it’s Slimez. He’s back with the highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Spine Snappa’, and he killed it. The EP kicks off with the title track – “Spine Snappa” – a bass-heavy headbanger’s anthem featuring vocals from the Salt Lake City native Atarii. “Silence” follows, featuring a collaboration with Cherney in which melodic female vocals lead you into an absolute smasher of a drop, one that brings the image of headbanging and moshpits to mind. Slimez continues with the rebellious track, “Green Hair”, working a eerily funny sample that will make you want to “screw with the rules” and get yourself some green hair by the songs end. The EP wraps up in perfect fashion with “Head Stompa” – a huge collaboration with legendary dubstep OG p0gman. 

‘Spine Snappa’ is an incredible debut EP from Slimez and you can expect to hear these tracks all over the festival lands this summer. Stream it below!