SLANDER Tease new Collab With Jason Ross, “Better Than Heaven,” Coming Soon

The decade might be over, but time stops for no man! As we move into 2020, we’re already hearing clips of new music to look forward to, including this collaboration between SLANDER and Jason Ross played at Decadence Colorado on New Year’s Eve. Titled “Better Than Heaven,” the song begins with some soft male vocals before bringing out SLANDER’s iconic heaven trap sound. With Jason Ross in the mix, the drop also gets some trance/melodic energy that rounds out the sound and really takes it up to the next level.

No word yet on when this is coming out except “coming soon” from SLANDER, but bet we’ll be keeping an eye out for it. Check out the clip below.

— SLANDER (@SlanderOfficial) January 2, 2020

Photo via MigPxl