Skrillex’s Iconic Album ‘Recess’ Just Turned 5 [LISTEN AGAIN]

Skrillex‘s iconic, full-length debut album Recess just turned 5 years old today. The album was recorded between 2013 and 2014 and dropped on the world March 18, 2014. Half a decade later, the 11-track masterpiece plays out just as well, proving yet again that Skrillex has always been far ahead of his time. These songs haven’t staled a bit and still resonate with us now more than ever.

With Recess, the producer demonstrated his diversity in the EDM realm. From the album’s in-your-face opening track “All Is Fair in Love and Brostep,” to the always catchy “Dirty Vibe,” into the softer notes of “Ease My Mind” — and everything in between — Skrillex nailed it front to back with this release. As we anxiously await a new era for Skrillex, it’s nice to reflect on this release. No word on when he’ll bless us with his next body of work, but we’ll be ready. Listen to Recess all over again (and again) right here!

Skrillex – Recess

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