Skrillex-produced single by Dounia, “Grey Goose”

We’re still waiting on all the studio productions from Skrillex that have been teased in the past couple of months, but today we get a new Skrillex-produced single by Dounia, “Grey Goose.” Iconic elements of Skrillex’s production, like his recognizable bass patches and synths, are found throughout the track to let you know exactly who produced his. On the other hand, he truly elevates Dounia’s original songwriting and flow with an underplayed beat and rhythm to match her style.

“I discovered Dounia when she was posting these raw songs that she was creating in her bedroom and her lyrics and the flow of her voice really hit me,” said Skrillex. “We connected and in one day in the studio made this song. She’s one of the few artists who writes off the top of her head- no pen to paper. Very very talented.”

Check out “Grey Goose” below.

Photo via Marilyn Hue