Skrillex Features On Starrah’s Debut Album, “The Longest Interlude”

While the EDM community was awaiting the Skrillex and Virtual Riot collaborations on Justin Bieber’s album last Friday, another artist’s work that also included Skrillex somewhat slipped under the radar. Justin Bieber’s Justice, including three tracks that Skrillex worked on, was released March 19. The debut album from Starrah, including the song “Twenty 4” with Skrillex, was released two days prior. It’s not exactly surprising that Bieber garnered more fanfare than Starrah, but it is interesting that considering his Starrah collaboration has had more hype for longer, that it was a little overlooked. Nevertheless, the album and its Skrillex feature are here now and still worth the listen if you haven’t done so yet.

Starrah says: “I put everything into this album because it’s my diary, the raw soundtrack to my life. The Longest Interlude describes a love story from the highs in the beginning, to the lows and hardships that most can relate to so I am super excited to share this with you all. This is a moment in time and a period of transition and possibilities.” “Twenty 4” is a slow and dreamy song, with heavily modulated vocals and whimsical synths that feel like strolling through a magical forest, searching for … something, but not really knowing what it is.

Check that out below and listen to the full album here.

Photo via Marilyn Hue