Skrillex Dropped His Debut EP ‘My Name Is Skrillex’ 10 Years Ago

The last 10 years have been a transformative time in the history of dance music. The advent of trap, big room house, riddim, future bass, and more, plus a wider selection of festivals presenting a wider range of communities and genres than ever before has launched our culture into the mainstream purview. That alone has brought its own pros and cons, but no one can contest that we’ve had some truly great music come out in the 2010s.

Yesterday, one of the culture’s most important EPs celebrated its 10th birthday. Ten years ago, Skrillex dropped his debut EP, My name Is Skrillex. Later that year he’d go on to release his Grammy-award winning EP Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, but it was still this first EP that launched everything. Songs like “WEEKENDS!!!” with Sirah and “With You Friends,” especially, offer a unique perspective into his first musical inspirations in electronic music. The EP also provides a crazy contrast to see how far he’s come since then.

Unfortunately, the EP still isn’t available on Spotify, but you can listen to it in full via SoundCloud below!