Skellism & Darren Styles Team Up For Heavy Melodic Banger “Suffocate”

Just the other day, I wrote an article about how I’ve become jaded with the amount of time I’ve spent working in this industry and getting sent music. It’s often a thankless job, at least from the readers, and much of my personal satisfaction comes from showcasing music that I personally love and believe in. Today, I was sent the new collaboration “Suffocate” from Skellism and Darren Styles and I could physically feel my jaded mentality melting away.


“Suffocate” is a wondrously beautiful and heavy song clocking in at close to 5 minutes. On first listen, the 2+ minute intro almost made me forget what I was listening to… but once the rolling snares and crescendo started, my ears piqued up and as soon as the drop came, I actually had to restart the track and give it my full attention.

Now with my full attention on the track, I noticed the delicate melody behind the vocals, and the tragically beautiful meaning behind those, as well. As the rise begins to build, I kept expecting it to drop sooner than it did, and the intense suspense that came with each dropless measure finally exploded once it finally did.

The style of “Suffocate” isn’t particularly usual to either Skellism or Darren Styles, but perhaps it’s the combination of two such disparate producers that gave birth to this incredible track. With this in just a few good hands, it could become one of the tracks of the year for the bass world.

Check out “Suffocate” below, out now via Thrive Music, and save it to your playlists!

via: youredm

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