SkeletonHD Infinity Collection Gift Box Review


The SkeletonHD brand was founded by David Thompson, who had the foresight to see a gap in the market by creating a company whose jewellery is eye-catching but never flashy. Each of their unique pieces boasts a truly understated design which could be worn effortlessly to any occasion – concert, night out, business dinner or even to the workplace. Since its inception, the brand has built up a large organic social following on Facebook and Instagram thanks to inspiring content and images, along with regular giveaways and offers. Likewise, their product reviews often include photos of the bracelets worn by their happy customers, allowing new fans to see how they look in a real-world environment.

The brand’s latest Infinity Collection comprises of a variety of sleek bracelets which are naturally minimal in style yet also hold onto that important rugged trait which SkeletonHD has always adhered to during the design process. This new selection of accessories consists of a mix of jet black colouring on the beads with a matte finish, contrasting against the black stainless steel framework, portraying an effective overall style. For this review we have chosen the Infinity Box as something to focus our attention on and test for ourselves.

Design & Shape

The style of these SkeletonHD bracelets cling to the mantra that jewellery should always be understated, never too loud or blingy (an unfortunately popular trend of the moment!) and rather let its craftsmanship do the talking. As the company name suggests, all of their pieces proudly feature skulls on all of their products and the Infinity Bracelets are no different, although that too has been left to the bare minimum with each double stack bracelet only consisting of a total of three skulls (two on one bracelet and one on the other). With the gift set, you will receive 2 of their double stack bracelets, comprising of the solid matte black Phantom Stack and also the Aviator Stack which possesses agate blue stone beads (you can then mix both the bracelets together to form the Knight Stack combination available separately) which are undoubtedly a beautiful treat to the eyes.

Wearability & Comfort

The wearability factor of the Infinity Bracelets has no limitations. The uncomplicated design of the pieces gives you countless options when it comes to outfit ideas; worn casually with jeans and a simple t-shirt (plain or even printed), to the office in a three-piece suit or even complementing a smart casual event with a knitted sweater and a pair of boots. These three such examples will all benefit from the addition of on-trend bracelets, adding the perfect finishing touch. Once you slip a SkeletonHD bracelet over your wrists, you will barely even realise it is there, the smooth texture of the orbs sits luxuriously against your skin. Thanks to
the hidden elastic cable within the beads, you will also make short work of putting them on and removing them when needed.


The Infinity Gift Box is gorgeous; there is no other way to describe it, comprised of a sublime textured black finish, with a minimal amount of branding via a small amount of text using a spot UV varnish effect (traditionally reserved for the elite of packaging). Opened using a simple lid system which opens and closes with the edges sitting flush against each other (another sign of a quality product). When you delve inside the box, you will be greeted with a soft black foam inlay with two deeper cutouts for your new bracelets to sit safely and comfortably inside, ensuring their protection during transit and storage. The look of the box will certainly sit with pride on your shelf amongst other accoutrements.

Value For Money

SkeletonHD bracelets are reasonably priced compared to their competitors, especially with the high level of craftsmanship involved. When it comes to the Infinity box set, this value for money goes one step further; if you purchase both bracelets individually you would accumulate a higher cost without the added bonus of the gift box.