SiriusXM Has Recently Launched TikTok Radio

Taking the pros or cons out of the equation, it’s no secret that TikTok as a platform is massively driving engagement and opportunities to new artists. While there are some algorithmic anomalies, by and large, TikTok serves content to its users that they regular engage with and identify with.

As a result, music discovery on the platform — for those who have trained their algorithm to do so — is incredibly easy and  can be incredibly lucrative for artists. Capitalizing on “trending sounds that are redefining pop culture,” satellite radio pillar SiriusXM has recently launched TikTok Radio (Ch. 4), hosted  by personalities, DJs, and artists who’ve achieved a following on the platform.

“Sonically synched to the TikTok experience, the groundbreaking, full-time music channel will sound like a radio version of the platform’s ‘For You Page,’” SiriusXM elaborated of the new station. “Listeners can expect to hear trending songs from music’s next generation of rising stars, viral hits, and whatever else the TikTok community is vibing to.”

Interestingly, rather than a rote radio station with a person behind a desk queuing up tracks, SiriusXM specified that DJ Habibeats and DJ CONST will serve as “TikTok Radio’s resident DJs,” where they will “spin LIVE, simultaneously, on TikTok and TikTok Radio every week.”

Though they likely won’t be on duty the whole time, so you can expect a regular rotation of tracks otherwise. One thing to note about music on TikTok — apart from the trending songs, many musicians also post works in progress or creative edits and remixes that aren’t cleared to be played on the radio, so don’t expect to hear many of Wuki’s interesting mashups on SiriusXM anytime soon. TikTok Radio (Ch. 4) is available now, in vehicles and as a streaming channel on the SXM App, desktop, and all connected devices.

via Digital Music News