Simple Exercises That Help Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain

After a weekend full of fun and relaxation, most of us trudge back into our offices to start off the week. While to some this reunion with their passion makes them elated, to others their necks and shoulders don’t feel the same way. Little wonder why #TGIF is a very welcome trend especially among the corporate folks. The corporate life has it’s ups and downs, and we are expected to embrace the downs as we do the ups. However, one bummer associated with working tirelessly on your desk all day is the accompanying neck and shoulder pains many experience. This is usually because by working away on your computer, you tend to spend a long time maintaining a certain posture and consequently, this strains your muscles in that region. This can go away on it’s own, however in some cases, exercise is the only way to relive neck and shoulder pain.

What’s The Main Cause Of Neck And Shoulder Pain?

The main cause for neck and shoulder pain is poor posture. Consider this, you spend at least 8 hours daily humped in front of a screen working so dedicatedly away. With time, this would cause strain on neck, shoulders, and even head. Thus, weakening the neck stressors and causing migraine which lead to extra pain/pressure at the back of the head. The number one solution to neck and shoulder pain is to start sitting up straight. Now you know mama was right considering all those times she kept screaming “stop slouching”. Sitting upright, straightening your shoulders and taking occasional walk breaks from the screen can contribute greatly to easing neck and shoulder pain.

Check Out These Simple Exercises That Help Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain

The neck roll

Photo: madison lavern | Unsplash

How to:
Sit comfortably with your head upright above your shoulder and your arms resting side by side. Then take a deep breath.

Next, gradually exhale and as you do so, gently lower your head towards your left shoulder with your chin leaning towards your chest and slowly move it in a circular motion with your head leaning towards your right shoulder and all the way round until it gets back to the initial position.

After going round in circle, reverse and go anti-clockwise. All this while ensuring the pace of your movement matches your breath pattern (gentle and slow).

The Side-To-Side Neck Tilt

Photo: Dane Wetton | Unsplash

How to:
Sit up straight with your hands on your knees.

Tilt your neck towards your left shoulder and lean in. Stay that way for at least 8 seconds. Then return to the initial position. Repeat process on your right shoulder. Repeat as many times as per capacity.

The “AWTUVI” Exercise

Photo: Inspired Horizons Digital Marketing | Unsplash

How to:
Stand with your back up against the wall. Stand straight enough for your arms, back, shoulder, elbow and wrists to firmly touch the wall.

Start by spreading both arms diagonally on the wall above your head while your hands meet to form an A.

Next, place and bend your elbows at chest level to form a W.

Thirdly, stretch your arms out to the side at the level of your shoulders to form a T.

After which you position your elbows 90 degrees and raise them to shoulder level to form a U.

Next, raise your arms diagonally above your head to form a V.

Finally, stand with your arms raised directly above your head to form an I.

Repeat the process as many times as per capacity and watch that neck and shoulder pain slide out with every bead of sweat.

The shoulder Roll

Photo: Kari Shea | Unsplash

How to:
Take an upright standing position with your shoulder straightened out.

Then, move your shoulders simultaneously in a circular motion going forward.

Do it as many times as you can (don’t forget to keep count).

Finally, return to initial position. Repeat process, this time moving backwards.

The Scapular Exercise: Arm Reach

Photo: Jade Stephens | Unsplash

How to:
Lie flat on your back. This exercise is a very slight motion that starts with your arms raised (elbows straight, arms straight).

From this position, reach higher toward the sky or ceiling, keeping your elbows straight.

Relax back to the starting position.

Repeat 8 to 12 times.

It is advised to make these exercises a way of life, you could even try them on your desk. Don’t yield to the temptation of quitting because you feel a lot better. By continuing, you will keep that neck and shoulder pain at bay, for good.