Simple And Effective Beauty Tips For A Whiter Teeth

Between poor nutrition, cigarettes, coffee, tea, red wine, and others, our teeth lose their whiteness. This occurs as a result of the components within these foods and drinks that stain our teeth. Of course, maintaining good oral hygiene is important, but what happens when the stains have already been imprinted? The good news is that progress is not stopping, and brands are offering more and more solutions for whiter teeth. If whiter, healthier teeth without breaking the bank is what you seek, then, you’ve come to the right place.

All you need to do is apply the following tips and know the foods that make your teeth white or stain them. Having a healthy mouth and white teeth also requires optimal oral hygiene. That is to say that brushing at least twice a day should be the goal. Good tooth brushing eliminates dental plaque, which is partly responsible for the coloring of the teeth and reduces the risk of dental caries.

Foods And Drinks That Stain The Teeth

We’ve already established the fact that our teeth loose their whiteness in part due to the foods and drinks we consume. By knowing the kind that falls into this category, you’ll consume them with caution, and you should also endeavor to brush after the meals.

Tea and coffee
Red wine
Dark colored fruit juices
Tomato-based sauces
Balsamic vinegar
Soy sauce
Sweets and candy
Sports and energy drinks

Check Out These Simple and Effective Beauty Tips For A Whiter Teeth

Apply Lipstick With Cool Undertones

Photo: Oleg Magni | Pexels

Did you know that certain colors of lipstick can make your teeth look yellow? On the other hand, some select shades make them appear whiter. This is where warm and cool undertone lipstick shades come into play. Optically, lipsticks with cool undertones tend to make teeth appear whiter. So opt for a shade that contains a hint of blue, such as burgundy, raspberry, pink or deep red. Conversely, avoid orange shades, such as peach, coral, or poppy red.

Use A Teeth Whitening Pen

Today there are whitening pens specially designed for teeth. Applied after brushing, they deposit a light-reflecting film on the enamel and neutralize yellow undertones for a few hours. Although the effect is quite stunning, it sadly is temporary. So, you’ll need to use them often.

Whiten Your Teeth At Home The DIY Way

Lemon, and baking soda are natural ingredients that can help you whiten your teeth at home. For example, you can mix a little baking soda with lemon juice and then place it on your toothbrush before brushing them for a few minutes. Do this 3 to 4 times a month to avoid weakening the enamel.

Featured image: whitneymadueke | Instagram