Sikdope Drops Super Ravey New Single, “RAVE”

As much as I’d prefer every piece of music to have some emotional connection to it or special meaning, a lot of the times in dance music, you just need a straight up banger. “RAVE” by Sikdope is that track. There’s no personal backstory to this apart from the fact that Sikdope is “super into rave sounds and culture from the ’90s lately,” and that’s just how I like it. It’s a no frills heater that blends hard house and psytrance with a simple lead synth and kooky vocal sample, but damn if it doesn’t get you moving!

I’ve been testing it out for the past weeks on the festivals worldwide and the response from the crowd has been astonishing! The whole structure of “RAVE” is a mixture of “old meets new” with fresh basslines and old school synths and vocals. – Sikdope

Check out “RAVE” below now.

Photo via Troy Acevedo