Shrunken Jackets: The Perfect Outerwear Trend for In-Between Seasons

Image: Victor Boyko for Getty

Are you looking to update your wardrobe for the transition from colder to warmer weather without spending a fortune? Look no further than the shrunken jacket trend. A shrunken jacket is a versatile statement piece that can transform any casual outfit into something amazing.

Whether you prefer classic denim or leather or something bolder like a shrunken trench coat, this trend can work for you regardless of your body type or personal style. Here are five tips to make this trend work for you:

1: Size up

Make sure to choose a slightly larger size so that you can comfortably layer sweaters, cardigans, or button-down shirts underneath to adapt to changes in temperature.

Image: Matt Winkelmeyer for Getty

2: Wear over a form-fitting dress

A shrunken jacket is the perfect complement to a form-fitting dress that accentuates your curves. However, be careful if the dress flares out at the bottom or if you have wider hips, as it can throw off your balance.

3: Add structure to a loose blouse or sweater

Pair your shrunken jacket with a loose blouse or sweater to create visual interest and add structure to your outfit. This can also help balance comfort with trendiness.

4: Reach for high-waisted pants

High-waisted pants are a great way to create a longer, leaner silhouette. The pants come up high, which makes the jacket look almost natural where it sits.

Image: Stephane Cardinale-Corbis for Getty

5: Pair with non-skinny jeans

Shrunken jackets already add volume to your top half, so balance it out by wearing them with jeans that have a slight flare. This will draw the eyes up and down and create a more even shape regardless of your body type.

In conclusion, a shrunken jacket is the perfect outerwear trend for in-between seasons. Follow these tips to make it work for you and update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.