Showtek And Ookay’s Second Collaboration, “BT1” Is A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

After a whopping nine years since their first collaboration on “Bouncer,” Showtek and Ookay have come together once again to deliver “BT1.” The track showcases how each artist has evolved over the years and captures the essence of their current sound. Showtek has established themselves in the realm of mature, radio-friendly tracks that convey uplifting messages, while Ookay has moved past DJing to incorporate 80s-inspired synth-pop sounds in his live sets.

The chance collaboration was sparked during the pandemic when Showtek accidentally stumbled upon Ookay’s Instagram livestream and heard a snippet of what would eventually become “BT1.” The track boasts a lively melody, grooving bassline, and nostalgic synths, blending newer and classical elements in perfect harmony. With the arrival of spring, “BT1” is sure to brighten many a warm day. Experience the latest offering from Showtek and Ookay, “BT1,” available now on Skink.