Vintage Chakra Rainbow Pendant

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Align Your Chakras With The Tree Of Life

While we have our other chakra pendant necklaces, we understand if you prefer a simpler statement piece to carry with you at all times.

Our Vintage Chakra Rainbow Pendant is a quartz representing all the colors found in the seven chakras to keep each aligned together. We also offer a clear quartz pendant, which is the powerhouse of the crystal family and is used to not only clear negative energy but to also enhance the power of other healing crystals.

Quartz is a crystal which, in many ancient cultures, constitutes a powerful healing stone. It is believed to have a variety of qualities such as positive energy attraction, improving body and mind synchronization, and general human body well being.

What Are The Seven Chakras?

Root (Red): Absorbs energy from the Earth and connects us to nature. I am safe. I am one with Gaia.

Sacral (Orange): Allows us to become open and enjoy meaning in our lives. I am a beautiful being.

Navel or Solar Plexus (Yellow): Promotes a deep sense of inner peace. I am free. I am strong.

Heart (Green): Radiates joy, friendliness, and empathy. I am love.

Throat (Blue): Opens us to new experiences and allows us to express ourselves. I am truth and integrity.

Forehead (Indigo): Broadens and deepens our understanding of the world. I am that I am.

Crown (Violet, White, and Gold): Leads to enlightenment. We are all one.

10 reviews for Vintage Chakra Rainbow Pendant

  1. T***v

    Pretty good and stylish handmade pendant. Alas, it was not without a flaw: the crystal did not find it necessary to grind-as a result, the edges are uneven and transparency leaves much to be desired. To moscow the order was three weeks.

  2. C***s

    The stone is something big, maybe too big

  3. f***r

    love the necklace its perfect the only thing is the chain is way to long.

  4. P***h


  5. e***m

    Good, but not as bright as i thought.

  6. d***W

    Nice stone, the shipping took 2 months to arrive ( Netherlands) for me this is way too long but nevertheless feel happy with it.

  7. J***Y

    Necklace too long; the stone is pretty, but slit on the back, and then too thick compared to the presentation image.

  8. F***n

    I got my goods in a week. Its extremly fast and looking awesome!!

  9. E***s

    Came very quickly, the chain is long, the product corresponds to the description

  10. h***g

    All Good..

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