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Potato Express Cooker Bag is the fast and easiest way to cook oven-baked potatoes in just four minutes. Now you can enjoy perfect, tender potatoes in no time at all with our Microwave Potato Express Cooker Bag.

Main Features

Perfect Potatoes Just in 4 Minutes

Our Potato Express Cooker Bag perfect for potatoes and sweet potatoes, save your baking time and cook perfect potatoes. With 4 minutes, you can have perfectly cooked potatoes. Create mouthwatering dishes.

Personalize Your Flavor

Works with all types of potatoes, including sweet, red, yam, white, and more. Even the corn on the cob, day-old bread, tortillas, and more. You can easily personalize the toppings on each individual potato, a good solution for the pickiest of eaters.

High-efficient and Time-saving

With these Potato Express Cooker Bag, you will get to enjoy perfectly cooked, moist, delicious potatoes while significantly cutting down on your prep time. Effectively shorten the time to do delicious food!

Useful Cooking Helper in Your Kitchen

Made of Polyester Fabric and Fiber, Reusable and Washable. It cooks up to 4 potatoes at a time, saves time in the kitchen, also is great for keeping your microwave clean with less condensation.


Place 1-4 washed potatoes into potato bag then close the flap;

Place the potato bag in the microwave and cook for 4 minutes.

Carefully remove the potato bag from the microwave and carefully remove the potato.

Add your favorite baked potato toppings, and enjoy your delicious potatoes.

10 reviews for Potato Express Cooker Bag

  1. A***t

    I like baked potatoes, but they got me with the selling point about not having to wait 45 mins. It takes me about 8 mins for a big potato, but the only thing, and this is a microwave thing, but you don’t get crispy skin like you do in the oven. I wasn’t expecting it to be, but… hey, 4 – 8 mins for a baked potato is a good trade off.

  2. G***r

    This product is amazing! I wish I bought it ages ago. Two things though-one is there is no need for 2, unless you have two microwaves. Second is I took a star off because the listed cook times are off. A potato takes about 6 minutes in my microwave, 8 minutes or more for 2. Play around and see what works for you, either way it’s better than an hour and a half in the oven!

  3. E***R

    The bag looks the same Q in the photos. It indicates they’re 4 minutes, but still putting in a few small potatoes would need a couple more minutes.

  4. T***a

    I thought it would be silicone. It turned out-a linen bag on the lining .. Strange… I’ll try, I’ll add a tip. Quality is good.

  5. J***r

    It’s big, you can stick several potatoes in if they’re small.

  6. n***a

    Thank you. I got everything. I’ll try.

  7. M***s

    Odorless, well sewn, but small in size, for 3 maximum average potatoes

  8. J***g

    I was very skeptical about this product. I bought it because I like baked potatoes and wanted to have them fresh for lunch at work. I am shocked that this item works SO WELL. I don’t even make them in the oven at home anymore. The speed and convenience is amazing but the taste is honestly surprising. I usually do not like microwaved food but this tastes like it is right out of the oven. I follow the instructions for the product and have yet to have a single bad potato yet.

  9. m***m

    Delivery a little long but it’s really worth it.

  10. h***j

    Perfect! Thanks.

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