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Tired of chipping away at your nails and all you get is skin damage and a sad ending? Well, you’re in luck today…We created a way you can remove nail polish 10 times faster with zero risks of nail damage in the process.

Five nail slots you can simply slip your fingers to and remove your nail polish. Making the process twice as fast and much more efficient than just spending forever trying to chip off the paint yourself and just making a huge mess.

Not only it can be used to remove nail polish. You can also remove acrylic (powder or gel), shellac, and much more. Making it easier for you to get off those stubborn gels in the comfort of your own home and not have to hire a professional to do it for you.

With this new revolutionary way to remove your gel nails, the combination of heat and vapor helps to soften the gel nail polish, which allows you to easily lift and slide the gel safely off the nails. Safe and harmless! This steam-off nail polish remover is extremely safe and will not harm your skin! It takes about 5 to10 minutes to remove gel manicures. Portable, ergonomic design, simple, comfortable and convenient.


5 nails polish on fingers can be cleaned disposable, removing the gel in a short time The combination of heat and vapor helps to soften the gel nail polish, lift and slide off the nails easily

Safe and harmless. This steam-off nail polish remover is portable and will not harm your skin Ergonomic design, simple, comfortable and convenient


Open the top cover of the steamer

Pour into 5 – 10ml gel removal solution (note: it must be poured into the plastic cup)

File the top coat gently

Turn on the power switch, then the light“H”will on, after a while ( about 2 minutes ), the light“S”will on, at that time you can put your fingers into 5 holes

The LED gel can be removed easily after 5 minutes, but for the extension UV gel, it will take 10 minutes to finish, and the max. temperature is 52 Deg.C

Use the nail stick to remove gel polish quickly before it gets dry ( within 15 minutes is better )


  1. L***s

    Works as expected, took a bit longer because I had 5 coats on my nails.

  2. U***r

    Very fast delivery

  3. A***s

    I can’t believe how fast it got! Bring your spare parts i highly recommend now it is missing to test it, i will upload more pictures in front

  4. I***o

    Delivery fast for me, Thanks got it and works great!

  5. J***n

    I’m getting it, it came super fast i’ll look for other products with you

  6. J***i

    I have received my package! Thank you so much for your prompt shipment!

  7. A***o

    have not used yet. but cant wait to use it.

  8. K***g

    Delivery in 14 days via Post NL, very excited about. Definitely have no regret my purchase!

  9. U***r

    Product works as described. Minimal instructions included and I’m not sure what the last light on the side indicates, but it works!

  10. K***a

    Ayyyy my alien machine is here… I can’t wait to try it. Everything looks good. Delivery to Singapore around 18 days. No communication was needed. Thank you seller. I will put pictures when I try it.

  11. S***y

    Yea! This device is cool and helps me save time, it works!

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