Dog Massage Grooming Shower Glove

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Material is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating. It does not hurt pet skin. It has good flexibility, good elasticity, wear resistance, tear resistance and durability.

Five Finger Design, Surface Convex Teeth Design: Can quickly clean floating hair, smoothing messy hair, easy to use.

Pet Bathing Glove: The valve regulates the flow of water, and the spray comes out of the center of your palm. The hose is 8.2ft, long enough to move all around your dog without having to turn him / her around. Water spray from the 10mm water holes can reach deeper pet hair and enables deep cleaning/washing. Pet Grooming Glove: This flexible, slip-on grooming gloves allow you to gently and effectively brush away dirt, dander and loose hair from cats and dogs. The 12mm silicone heads delivers a soft and relaxing massage. Suitable for long, short haired dogs, cats, horses, and other pets.

Time Saving Tool for Pets Bath: The bathing tool makes bath time go by a lot faster, easier and less  stressful. Easy to wash your dogs and more cost effective than going to a dog wash facility. Bath time can be fun time!

Easy to Connect: Unscrew a shower head and screw the adapter on. When attaching the hose to the adapter, some force was needed to snap it firmly into place. Once it was screwed in, turn on the shower head, rotate the valve switch of the hose, then wash your dog.

3 Faucet Adapter: Remove the aerator from your faucet, identify if your faucet has internal or external threading. The Blue adapter’s built-in threading fits most external threaded faucets, while the Brass adapter’s external threads fits most internal threaded faucets.

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  1. G***a

    It was a struggle for me to shower my dog before I discovered this! Now he simply enjoys a nice bath. My dog has never looked better, cleaner nor happier before. I definitely recommend this product to animal owners, it’s gonna make your life way easier.

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