Shöckface and mark veins deliver us a second anthemic record in ‘Snakes’

Shöckface and fellow collaborator mark veins have joined forces for another anthemic record named ‘Snakes.’ The two producers collaborated previously last year in which they brought us the cinematic genre-blending record ‘Emerge.’ Now they are back and sounding better than ever in their new groovy record, Snakes. The record wastes no time on working to intrigue listeners. Elements of groove and experimental production are interwoven into ‘Snakes.’ The record even features aptly put vocal samples of the word ‘snakes’ throughout the record.

Check out what Shöckface had to say out about how the record came together:

“The music industry is one of the most beautiful yet toxic industries in existence. Snakes was heavily inspired by experiences and emotions that occurred throughout 2019 for mark veins & Shöckface on a personal level. We took all the energy that was directed at us and created something truly unique. Heading into 2020 we have a quantum vision that no singular negative person can penetrate. On a music production level ‘Snakes’ lends great insight into a glimpse of the future between mark veins any myself.”

Stream ‘Snakes’ below and get it on all platforms here.