Shöckface And Mark Veins Are Back With A New Collaboration Called “ACONITUM”

Shöckface and Mark Veins, one of electronic music’s many unsung creative duos, have returned with a new collaboration titled ‘ACONITUM,’ which further solidifies their HYPERWAVE brand and vision. Since 2018, the cross-continent creative pair has been on a regular flow of sizzling releases, taking sounds from all across the musical spectrum. ACONITUM explores the creative duo’s darker side, employing gloomy humming synthesizers, harsh rolling bass-lines, and an universe of glitches and fills.

The most prominent is a one-word vocal sample that says “TRENDSETTA.” The two producers’ skill properly puts ACONITUM as a smooth banger suitable for the gym, dancefloor, mainstage, and everything in between. Shöckface’s prior collaboration with mark veins, ‘distance,’ was released on Shöckface’s SPLITTING project, which featured the likes of joss lockwood, bromar, catcat, and mark veins himself.

Listen to the pair’s outstanding sound design and production on ACONITUM, also known as leopard’s bane, a toxic flower that must be treated with care.