Shöckface And Belak Unite On Their New Single “ALWAYS FEELS LIKE”

Shöckface has back with north California based singer-songwriter Belak for a new track titled “ALWAYS FEELS LIKE,” fresh after the release of SPLITTING. The two artists met inside the metaverse after winning a competition with their artwork.

Belak and Shöckface have channeled their emotions, sentiments, and creative energy into their most recent collaboration project. “ALWAYS Seems LIKE” begins with Belak singing, “Eyes closed yet I still see your intents, it always feels like my words fall on deaf ears, your lips speak of heaven it always feels like.” The album immediately picks up, rolling violent synth layers drown out everything in their path, and what sounds like entering a blackhole begins. The epic hybrid bass crossover by the creative maestros is sure to tickle your eardrums in every manner conceivable. Shöckface voice tones sit well atop the drop, while white noise and shifting bass rhythms create post-apocalyptic industrial soundscapes.

Listen to “ALWAYS FEELS LIKE” below.

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