Ship Wrek Has Finally Released Their Banging House Heater, ‘ Stimulate ’

Ship Wrek has finally released their banging house heater, ‘Stimulate’; a track made during quarantine but 100% made for the dance floor. This duo is known for their high energy house tracks that contain hypnotic bass and infectious synths, and this track is unlike any other. While creating this track they also had a plan in mind, Ship Wrek stated, “We were itching to get back on the road and knew we had to make something fresh for when shows came back”. This track is as fresh as it comes – echoing vocals, a prominent percussion line, and a crazy funky beat; it’s what Ship Wrek is all about. Accompanied by an equally stimulating visualizer, make sure you have enough space because this track will have you grooving!

Ship Wrek – Stimulate