Sherm & Isaac Palmer’s Explosive Remix: A Heart-Pounding Transformation of Drake & Travis Scott’s Sensational Hit

Sherm and Isaac Palmer have joined forces for a high-energy remix of Drake and Travis Scott‘s hit single “P**** & Millions,” and they’ve released it through Hood Politics Records, a label known for its exceptional house music. Label A&R Sherm has garnered significant acclaim within the label, and his latest release pairs him with the emerging talent Isaac Palmer. Together, they’ve crafted an irresistible rendition of “P**** & Millions.”

The remix kicks off with a powerful bass line and dynamic drum patterns that establish an electrifying atmosphere. Sherm and Palmer’s creativity shines through as they skillfully sample Drake and Scott’s vocals, transforming the track into a club banger and a festival anthem.

Sherm’s recent performance on the Vega Stage at North Coast over Labor Day Weekend marked a major highlight of his year, showcasing his growing prominence as an artist. You can listen to their remix below and even catch some footage from Sherm’s memorable live set.

This collaboration between Sherm and Isaac Palmer promises to be a thrilling addition to the Hood Politics Records catalog, catering to house music enthusiasts with their innovative take on a hip-hop classic.