Shawn Wasabi Uses Boba & Popsicles To Make Beats And It’s Super Good

shawn wasabi

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote up an album from Kill Paris which relied heavily on the MIDI Sprout, a device that converted electrical signals from plants into MIDI notes. But that’s not the only way to turn objects that aren’t supposed to make music into musical devices.


If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about making music from random things, it’s Shawn Wasabi. One of the foremost experts using the MIDI Fighter in the world, Wasabi gets a kick out of making weird music. For his latest experiment, he attached cables to boba balls and plugged them into his MIDI Fighter to make a sick beat.


(really important you need to hear this)

— shawn wasabi (@shawnwasabi) April 18, 2019

The next week, he did the same thing with popsicles, though it didn’t go nearly as viral.

sup fools rate my new studio setup 1-10

(honest answers please)

— shawn wasabi (@shawnwasabi) April 23, 2019

The original video has already been noticed by the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Teen Vogue and has 3.2 million views on Twitter. Wasabi isn’t a stranger to going viral, but this could unlock some new avenue in his career. Either way, it’s cool to watch!

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