Shaq on performing at festivals: “I don’t get paid, I do it for the sport of bass music”


In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Shaq revealed a huge shocker: he apparently doesn’t get paid for his festival gigs. More accurately, he doesn’t charge a fee to organizers. It’s not clear if this is for all of his gigs, or just the big ones, but one thing is for certain. He loves bass music.


“So, people always ask me, why I’m doing it, not getting paid anything. I’m doing it for the sport of bass music. I love seeing people jumping up and down. It’s like a Game 7.”

He’s has been DJing since 1988 but took a break after he started dropping albums and playing for the NBA. After he retired from professional basketball, he needed another “adrenaline booster,” and visited Tomorrowland for the first time. And as we all know, the rest is history…

Shaq, aka DJ Diesel, played for a packed crowd at the Green Tent this past weekend at HARD Summer and I can tell you from my own experience seeing him that no one left that set disappointed.

Listen to the interview from Shaq himself below.

Hold up, how much does @SHAQ get paid to DJ music festivals? 😱

— SiriusXM (@SIRIUSXM) August 7, 2019

Photo via Adam Kargenian for Insomniac Events via youredm

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