Shaq AKA DJ Diesel Rages In Mosh Pit During Orlando Show [WATCH]

Shaq knows how to throw a party — and apparently can start a mosh pit, too! The 7-foot-1, 300 pound entertainer was captured over the weekend moshing with fans at Celine in Orlando. DJ Diesel took a moment to get intimate with the crowd, literally jumping in the pit to rage with them.

The video clip below is pure, internet gold. It’s hilarious to watch Shaq getting it, hard. Especially because as he moves, the entire crowd moves with him. Of course, this isn’t the first time he’s gotten down in the pit himself, if you remember this epic moment from Ultra. Ever since his Lost Lands debut, Shaq has been a force to be reckoned with in the EDM scene. Although, he’s been DJing for years.

Clearly, this was the highlight of the night back in Orlando. Watch below!

DJ Diesel Mosh Pit

Shaq out here jumping in mosh pits at the club. 🤣🔥🤣 (via @SammNunezz)

— House of Highlights (@HoHighlights) May 6, 2019

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