Shanghai Doom Unleashes a Mind-Blowing Remix of Shlump & Xotix’s ‘Loudboi’ on WAKAAN: Prepare to Have Your Face Melted!

Shanghai Doom has just dropped an electrifying remix of Shlump and Xotix’s track “Loudboi” on WAKAAN, and it’s an absolute face-melter. Since their inception in 2017, Shanghai Doom, a duo hailing from Central Jersey, has been making waves in the bass music scene with their innovative and exciting productions. Whether it’s their original tracks or standout remixes like the one we have today, they consistently deliver hard-hitting and captivating music.

In this remix, Shanghai Doom takes on “Loudboi,” and the result is pure fire. The track is a perfect fit for the mainstage at any festival, with its forward-thinking sound design and thunderous drums. What’s impressive is how they manage to maintain the original vibe and charm of the track while infusing it with their own signature style, giving it a fresh and exciting twist.

You can experience the face-melting remix for yourself by streaming it on Soundcloud below. And be sure to keep an eye out for more scorching releases from Shanghai Doom in the near future. This duo is definitely one to watch in the bass music scene. Enjoy the music!