SHADES (Alix Perez + Eprom) Release New EP “Black Heart Communion” On Deadbeats

Any time Alix Perez and Eprom get in the studio together, magical things happen. Working together as the duo SHADES, these two are back now with their sixth EP, their first immediately following their debut album In Praise Of Darkness, released last year. SHADES is one of the preeminent artists pushing experimental bass music. This term gets thrown around a lot, but you need only listen to this kind of music to understand what it means. Lack of typical rhythm, atonal melodies and bass, vocal chopping and more coalesce to create unique soundscapes that put you in another dimension.

Their Black Heart Communion EP is no different, though it’s pointless to focus on one track above the others. It all works seamlessly as a single unit, and singling out just one track would be an injustice in the face of the rest. This year, SHADES plans to take the stage together once again, hitting several major events this summer including Lightning in a Bottle, Paradiso Festival and Bassnectar’s Freestyle Sessions, with more soon to be announced. Listen to Black Heart Communion below now, out via Deadbeats.