SFE Tav channels out his inner raw creativity to produce some stunning original hip-hop singles

Young American rapper SFE Tav successfully makes it to the industry with his bold and powerful hip-hop approach that has scratched a mark on the listener’s mind.

Tavien Lee Chanse Williams who goes by the stage name SFE Tav has already marked his indefinite presence in the hip-hop world with his back to back blockbuster hit tracks. The young American rapper is clearly on the rise with the release of his two popular mixtapes Damaged’ and ‘Problems’, and also an exciting new EP ‘Overthinking’. It seems that the hip-hop industry has been blessed with a very strong and powerful voice that he uses to his full potential to talk about the pain and struggles he has felt throughout his journey.

With lyrics that depict his real-life experiences, all the songs have been strongly and artistically crafted to project the rapper’s most influential personality. The rapper has a very inspiring voice that gains momentum throughout the soundscapes and has already fetched him a strong fan base globally. The immense growth in his music career is a sign that he is on the right track in terms of his musicality. On top of this, his two new singles ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Things Will Never Be The Same’ has created enough buzz already and SFE Tav is gearing up for his next release titled ‘Red Light’. Listen to his most noteworthy and honest rap creations on Soundcloud now.

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