Seven Most Common Types of Solitaire That You Would Love to Play

Most people know the Klondike game by the name of Solitaire, but are you aware of the fact that there are many other free Solitaire games that you can play online? However, if you know the most common seven variants that will be disclosed below, it will be easy for you to understand many other types. Let’s observe them now:

  1. Klondike

Klondike Solitaire is extremely popular and oftentimes comes pre-installed on Windows. Also, for the sake of knowledge, it is the most played game in the world. Its rules are simple: you should create the foundation piles according to the suits at the end of the Click Here .

  1. Spider

This version of Solitaire became more popular with the Windows of 1995. It is one of the most flexible classic Solitaire versions available. The difficulty levels can be varied hugely depending on players’ skills. It can be played with one or two decks. If you are absolutely new to solitaire, in some cases, you can even choose to play with two suits only.

  1. Yukon

This game shares similarity with the typical Solitaire online or Klondike Solitaire. The main difference here is that visible cards can be moved even if they do not form a sequence. Also, there is also no additional stockpile to get extra cards from.

  1. Pyramid

This game varies significantly from the mentioned . The players have to undo the pyramid by transferring individual cards that should be non-lapping and face-up. Moreover, the cards should make pairs that add up to 13. Thus, this game is a slightly harder version of the classic format but at the same time, it is relatively flexible and more manageable.

  1. FreeCell

FreeCell is the strategical type of Solitaire that requires proper planning of the moves. The other games may look very repetitive and straightforward when compared with this one. In fact, it is not hard to learn, but it is hard to ace. Still, with proper strategies, it can be won and completed every time.

  1. Forty Thieves

This is standard with most other Solitaire games. If players know how to win it, then they can quickly figure out most other versions. It is played with two decks having forty face-up cards at the tableau. The result you have to achieve is building eight foundation piles.

  1. Scorpion

This version shares similarities with Yukon Solitaire and even more with the Spider version. It is a very enjoyable as well as challenging game. Every Solitaire lover should give it a try at least once, and there are chances that you will keep going back.


Some play Solitaire just to have fun, while others are passionate about its strategies. In any case, try the above seven types of Solitaire card games to spend your leisure in an interesting way. Additionally, you can try other variations — each of them will help you get away from the day-to-day routine, calm your mind, and bring the pleasure of winning.