Seven Lions New Single ‘Easy Lover’ feat. Hilda

Seven Lions merges longing with euphoria in his latest release, “Easy Lover”. Exploring the delicate balance between sadness and excitement, the track illustrates how these emotions can intertwine. Recently dropped via Casablanca Records, this upbeat four-on-the-floor anthem portrays a fleeting connection between two individuals. Hilda’s passionate vocals emphasize how effortlessly they come together, without reservations.

Simultaneously, the lyrics shed light on the transient nature of such bonds—highlighting the ease with which they can unravel. Despite this, for now, they revel in their dance as easy lovers, as the title implies. “Easy Lover” challenges listeners to choose between soaring with Hilda’s vocals or grooving to Seven Lions’ infectious beat on a dazzling dance floor. Give it a listen below and experience the emotional tug-of-war yourself.