Seven Lions Drops New Collab With Last Heroes & HALIENE, “Don’t Wanna Fall”

We just said how amazing HALIENE is in our coverage of her forthcoming collaboration with Excision and Wooli, but Seven Lions has known it for a long time. Teaming up with her again, as well as Last Heroes, on “Don’t Wanna Fall,” the new single is the follow up collaboration between Seven Lions and HALIENE to their track together on the Find Another Way EP, “What’s Done Is Done.” While this isn’t my favorite work from Seven Lions, that isn’t saying a whole lot because the producer has set an impossibly high bar for himself already. Saying it’s not my favorite is in no way saying it’s not good, because he has so much good music already. “Don’t Wanna Fall” is beautifully composed and put more focus on HALIENE’s work than some of his more production-heavy singles.

The lead up to the drop is chill-inducing, listening to the rising arpeggio synths getting closer and closer to that final release. The drop itself is in a much higher register than a lot of Seven Lions’ other work, making use of shimmering synths and some of his iconic sounds, like that bass note at 1:48. It’s a different approach from him that doesn’t detract from the legitimacy of the track. Last Heroes are no strangers to the genre either, with breakout tracks like “Eclipse” and their remix of “Long Way Home,” which coincidentally already features vocals from HALIENE. You can check out “Don’t Wanna Fall” below, out now on Ophelia Records.

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