Sephora Sink or Swim, Spark, Werk It Lipstories Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches


Sink or Swim (67)

Sephora Sink or Swim (67) Lipstories Lipstick is a light-medium pink with warm undertones and cooler violet and pink sparkle. It had medium coverage, which did not apply evenly and appeared clump across my lips. I’m not sure why the product built up on itself such that I couldn’t get it to smooth out during application. There was some product that sank into my lip lines, but all of the clumpiness was distracting from that (and not in a good way!). It had a more textured feel from the bullet due to the amount of sparkle in the finish. The color stayed on well for three hours and was lightly hydrating over time.

Spark (68)

Sephora Spark (68) Lipstories Lipstick is a medium-dark copper with warm, orange undertones and flecks of pink and gold sparkle throughout. It applied so poorly despite seeming rather promising when initially swatched on my arm. It had sheer coverage, which was partially due to the more emollient, slippery consistency that just moved and pushed around the sparkle and shimmer. What ended up applying was a sheer layer of product with shimmer poorly dispersed across my lips. It wore well for an hour and a half hour and was lightly moisturizing over time.

Werk It (69)

Sephora Werk It (69) Lipstories Lipstick is a sheer lavender with iridescent shimmer and micro-sparkle. Unfortunately, this shade suffered the same issues I had previously experienced with other shimmery/sparkly shades in the range: terrible application, where the product clumped up, went on unevenly, and had poor dispersion of shimmer/sparkle. The texture was lightweight and felt a bit creamy going, though slightly textured from the shimmer/sparkle content, but I couldn’t get the product to go on evenly or build up in layers as the product built up on itself in clumps. This shade lasted for an hour and a half and was non-drying to me.