Sephora Sandblasted, Desert Dreaming, Off the Grid #Lipstories Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Sandblasted (72)

Sephora Sandlbasted (72) Lipstories Lipstick is a medium, peachy gold packed full of gold sparkle and micro-glitter. The base seemed more translucent, though the base color added some warmth to my natural lip color, while the shimmer/sparkle contributed to more semi-sheer coverage.

The texture was moderately emollient, lightweight, but noticeably textured with a tendency to clump up during application. This resulted in areas that were thicker, product that sank into my deeper lip lines, and a generally unevenness appearance. I’d recommend applying this with a fingertip patted over another lipstick for added sparkle but it didn’t work well on its own at all. It stayed on for three hours and was lightly hydrating over time.

Desert Dreaming (73)

Sephora Desert Dreaming (73) Lipstories Lipstick is a darker, yellowed peach with strong, warm undertones and a semi-matte finish. It had rich color coverage that applied fairly evenly to my lips, but the denser, slightly thicker consistency (though not actually heavy to wear) seemed more prone to separating along my deeper lip lines. It lasted well for four hours but settled noticeably into my lip lines, so I had to constantly press my lips together to smooth it back out.

Off the Grid (74)

Sephora Off the Grid (74) Lipstories Lipstick is a muted, light-medium brown with moderate, warm undertones and a cream finish. It had an interesting balance between yellow and red undertones–it wasn’t quite rosy enough to be a coral yet it was too dark to be peach!

The texture had moderate slip, a lightweight feel, and was comfortable to apply as it didn’t tug or dragon my lips. It had nearly opaque pigmentation, which wore well for four and a half hours and felt lightly hydrating over time.