Sephora Creme Brulee, Petal, Melon Lip Last Matte Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches


Crème Brulee

Sephora Crème Brulee Lip Last Matte Lipstick is a medium peach with moderate, warm undertones–not too pink or too orange–with a matte finish. This was one of the quicker-drying shades in the range, as it had a flat, matte finish within a couple of minutes.

It had a thinner, almost greasy consistency compared to other shades, too, and this seemed to result in product that settled into my lip lines and was more semi-opaque in coverage. The color stayed on decently for five hours and felt non-drying while worn.


Sephora Petal Lip Last Matte Lipstick is a medium-dark pink with moderate, warm undertones and a matte finish. The lipstick had a velvety, lightweight, and thin consistency that felt like it almost melted as it moved across my lips–but it lacked the wetness that’s more typical of traditional lipsticks.

It had opaque color payoff that adhered evenly but pulled away at my deeper lip lines, so I had to smooth it back out as it was setting and drying down. The dry down took almost 10 minutes to get to a mostly flat, matte finish (it gradually wore down from there) and I could soften the build up in my lip lines after four to five minutes. It lasted well for six hours and felt neither drying nor hydrating over time.


Sephora Melon Lip Last Matte Lipstick is a light-medium, orange-leaning coral with strong, warm undertones and a matte finish. It took longer than five minutes (when I tested for longevity, it seemed almost 10 minutes to get there!) to fully set to a flat, matte finish–it retained a bit of sheen until that point.

It had nearly opaque color coverage in a single stroke, which went on fairly evenly but was more prone to separating along some of my deeper lip lines. I’d recommend letting it set for a few minutes and then gently press lips together smooth the color back out (as it was still movable). The consistency felt more velvety than creamy, lightweight, and thin but not clingy. It wore well for five and a half hours and felt non-drying over time.