Sensu Unveils “Listen” ft. Otis Junior, First Single from Forthcoming Debut Album

There are a lot of things that can make the difference between just good, or great, or exceptional. When an artist comes up with the concept for a song, the greatest pieces of art are those that come from the heart or deep down in the soul. The new song “Listen” from Sensu is clearly that. Teaming up with Otis Junior, the whimsical and ethereal “Listen” tells a difficult story of discovering yourself and opening up to others. The accompanying music video adds a significant emotional punch, telling the story of a man who denies his own identity and suffers because of it.

“The song ‘Listen’ perfectly represents the style of music I create. It’s a track with drum sounds that you could use in a hip-hop track and synthesizer sounds which could be used in a trance song, so it creates that electronic sound mixed with an organic feel to it. During the album process I was looking for a soulful voice for this track and I guess I found the perfect match on Instagram – Otis Junior from Louisville. He has an absolutely beautiful and soulful voice which matches the track perfectly and gives a nice warm feeling to it.” – Sensu

“Listen” is the first single from Sensu’s debut album Embrace. Watch below.

Photo by Jen Ries