Sensational Collaboration: Jon B. & Tank Drop Fresh Track, “Waiting On You”

That’s exciting news for R&B fans! The collaboration between Jon B. and Tank on the new single “Waiting On You” sounds like a treat, especially considering their history of working together. The fact that they’ve expressed mutual appreciation for each other and have a past collaboration on Jon B.’s “Stronger Everyday” album adds an extra layer of anticipation.

It’s always great when veteran artists come together to create music, bringing their unique styles and experiences to the table. Fans of Jon B. and Tank will likely be pleased to hear this smoothed out and soulful cut, showcasing the talent and chemistry between these R&B heavyweights.

It’s interesting to note that this is Jon B.’s first new single since “Priceless” in 2019, and it’s a significant moment for Tank as well, given the release of his final album “R&B Money” last year. With both artists continuing to stay active in the industry, it’s clear that they are dedicated to delivering quality music to their audience.

The history of their collaboration on “Stronger Everyday” in 2004, with Tank contributing not only as a featured artist but also as a writer on “Lately,” adds a nostalgic element for fans who have followed their journey over the years.

Overall, “Waiting On You” seems like a noteworthy addition to the catalogs of Jon B. and Tank, and fans will likely be eager to listen to this latest collaboration between these R&B veterans.