Segan’s New Single “In Your Arms” Blends Energy With Beauty

Segan is a newcomer to the drum and bass world. Songs like “Champion” and “Attack Order” have an unbelievable amount of audio-action, as one would expect from a genre musician. However, the Los Angeles producer has released a new track “In Your Arms,” which deviates from DnB in favor of a vocally-charged half-time hymn.

“In Your Arms” begins with a flutter of synthesizers and vocals evocative to Imogen Heap’s vocal stylings. It’s gentle, airy, and beautiful. The drums increase up, and as they approach the drop, we are treated with a gentler conclusion than most Segan fans are accustomed to. The gleaming synthesizers and nasty bassline, on the other hand, blend this joyful energy with a forceful kick-drum rhythm. This provides “In Your Arms” a lot of energizing aspects that make you want to dance to its lovely beat.

It’s an astonishing sound for an artist whose career has revolved around the booming American drum and bass explosion. In their third year as a producer, they’re branching out towards the dubstep/future bass genre popularized by Illenium and Seven Lions (the former of which he has remixed too). “‘In Your Arms’ is supposed to soothe an itch you didn’t know you had,” Segan explained. “The song embodies where the Segan project is heading.” If that’s the case, we can’t wait to hear more! In the meanwhile, check out Segan’s “In Your Arms.”