Seattle's Best Coffee: Finding the Best Cup

There is no coffee in America anywhere in America, like Seattle. Seattle is known as the cradle of Starbucks, but Seattle's best coffee is not necessarily presented in a mug bearing the logo of the green mermaid. These three cafes are widely regarded as the best in the city by locals who know coffee best! If you're staying a few days in Seattle, make sure you try all three and tell us which of these dishes was Seattle's best coffee.

Storyville Cafe (try the Pike Place Market and Bainbridge Island locations!)

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Storyville is considered one of Seattle's best cafes. Their baristas are often nominated for regional awards and they have three locations in the city (Pike Place, Queen Anne and 1st & Madison).

The most impressive location is that of Pike Place Market. It has an airy layout inside and great views of the market, but you must know how to find it! To locate the secret Pike Place Storyville, head to the northwest corner of Pike and 1st Street, then climb the stairs to the top floor. Savor their locally roasted coffee and pastries before descending to further explore the city.

Storyville also has a roasting workshop and a tasting room on the other side of the water on the island of Bainbridge. To get there, take the ferry Seattle-Bainbridge and cross the Strait of Puget in 30 minutes. Make sure to sit by the window or watch the water from outside as it is not uncommon to see killer whales, dolphins and seals on the ferry!

Take an Uber to travel the last 2.5 kilometers to the Storyville Roasting Studio. Once there, head to the tasting room that houses a full-service espresso bar, muesli and pastries. They also make daily surprise tastings of new items in development. You will find Seattle's best coffee at all three locations.

Monorail Espresso (5th and Pike angle)

 Best coffee in Seattle Find the best cup "width =" 1200 "height =" 800 "data-jpibfi-post-excerpt =" "data-jpibfi-post-url =" / seattles-best-coffee / "data-jpibfi-post-title =" Best Coffee in Seattle: Finding the Best Cup "data-jpibfi-src =" 12 / seattles-best-coffee-2.jpg "/></p><p> Would you like to have a cup of the best Seattle coffee on your way somewhere? If you just want a great coffee without the frills of standard coffee, skip to the Monorail Espresso window at the corner of Fifth and Pike. The Monorail Espresso began as the first coffee cart in the United States when it opened in Seattle in 1980. They are now in a service window facing the street, just around the corner from their original location. They specialize in espresso drinks (Americanos, lattes, espresso shots, etc.) and in cold coffee, but do not offer drops or drops to coffee. They also sell their iconic "chubbies" cookies and a small variety of other baked goods.</p><p> For 38 years, Monorail has only accepted cash, but has recently started taking cards. Sundays are analog regression, but you have to stop at the ATM if you want to come on Sundays to taste Seattle's best coffee.</p><h2> Roast of the Starbucks Reserve (Capitol Hill)</h2></p><p><img class=Spread the love

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