SAYMYNAME And Nitti Gritti Offering A Violent Dose Of Hardstyle-Trap “BING BONG”

SAYMYNITTI has joined the conversation. “BING BONG!” is their first collaboration. SAYMYNAME and Nitti Gritti transform one of the most popular viral memes into a single that will be heard at every bass house show. They teased their crowds with this attention grabber in the early summer, and it’s finally available worldwide via Hard Records.

The two producers make a four-to-the-floor sweat inducer on “BING BONG!” while offering a violent dose of hardstyle-trap. They sample the iconic “Coney Island Ski Club” video from Sidetalk, which has been rocking the internet for months, to add that additional “lmao” factor. As a result, SAYMYNITTI created an instantly identifiable festival song.

Both performers have followed a similar path in the EDM environment. SAYMYNAME has been pushing the boundaries of his characteristic hard-trap sound while exploring fresh and varied genres, as seen by his collaborations with Lit Lords and Cara Hart. Meanwhile, Nitti Gritti continues to leave everyone wondering about the sound of his forthcoming tune. Is he going full dubstep, like he did with Shaquille O’Neal and IVORY, or is he going house music with a rising talent like Surf Mesa?

But it’s precisely because of this that this coupling is so ideal. Both artists demonstrate a talent for creating high-quality dance tunes. When you combine that with their incredible ability to alter up their tried-and-true formulae while still commanding large stage crowds begging for more, it’s easy to see why SAYMYNITTI chose to have a little fun on their maiden tour.

Check out “BING BONG!” by SAYMYNITTI down below.